System Components

The G1000 power generation system combines state-of-the-art components developed by Clear Energy Systems and its world-class suppliers. G1000 is listed under EAR ECCN 2A994 and covered by the “AT” export controls. ETL, cETL and CE certifications are available.

dot ARC930TA Engine

State-of-the-art, industrialized proprietary design, based on the proven air-cooled radial reciprocating piston engine. Advantages include high horsepower-to-weight ratio, compact size, sustained high-power output, excellent efficiency, utility-grade operational reliability, extended time between overhauls and high in-service durability.

dot Marelli MJB 400 MB4 Synchronous Generator

A proven one-megawatt generator manufactured by a leading global supplier.

dot Electronic Control System

Microprocessor-based diagnostic, monitoring and control system combines widely recognized industry components into an integrated system governing both engine and alternator. System employs CAN bus technology for high speed data communication.

dot Proprietary Cooling and Hydraulic Systems

Integrated proprietary mechanical systems provide engine cooling and high pressure lubrication of internal components.

dot Proprietary Design Transfer Case

Coupling the engine and generator, our transfer case delivers rotational power to the generator shaft at the optimal speed for 50Hz or 60Hz power frequencies without adjusting engine RPM.

dot Sound Attenuated Enclosure

Fully encloses the system for noise reduction and protection from the environment. Standard sound attenuation attains 75dBA at 6 meters. For hospital, film and other environments requiring exceptionally quiet operation, optional attenuation packages achieve Critical (65dBA) and Super Critical (55dBA) levels.

dot Mobility Package

Light enough to tow behind a pickup, the G1000 mobility package is the smallest, most portable 1 MW power source available. The system is mounted on a double-axle, single wheel undercarriage, and road ready in 50 states. GPS GeoFence alerts if moved beyond your preset boundary.

dot Other Components

Additional components are supplied by well known, quality industrial manufacturers: ignition components by Bosch, Delphi, Stonebridge, ComAp and Denso; turbochargers from Borg Warner; hydraulic components by Parker Hannifin, cooling fan from American Fan, exhaust system from Katcon; bearings from SKF and Federal Mogul; and air filtration from Donaldson Air Filtration.