Utility Companies

dot Utility Companies

  • Supply peak power and grid balancing at minimal installation cost.
  • Localized power generation at critical sub-stations.


Single Use Facilities

dot Single Use Facilities

  • Emergency backup and standby power – increasingly important for all businesses and industries.
  • Peak power shaving.
  • Prime or continuous power generated onsite to alleviate dependence on inadequate grid infrastructure.
  • Cogeneration - Combined heat and power.
  • Net metering - sale of excess power to the grid; particularly attractive where renewable fuel sources are accessible.
Single Use
Hybrid Renewable Plants

dot Hybrid Renewable Plants

  • Supplemental power for renewable energy plants – augments and stabilizes wind and solar generation to deliver reliable, predictable baseload power.


Alternative Fuels

dot Alternative Fuels

  • Landfill-to-energy and bio-digesters (sewage treatment, feedlot, and other sources of biogas).
  • Unique ethanol-fueled power generation.


Remote Operations

dot Remote Operations

  • Remote municipal power – baseload and peak power for communities in remote areas.
  • Remote mining operations.


Oil and Gas

dot Oil and Gas

  • Drilling and processing operations run on associated gas.
  • Drillsite and campsite power from associated gas otherwise flared off.


Mobile Fleets

dot Mobile Fleets

  • Rental & temporary power for sporting events, construction sites, film crews, etc.
  • Emergency response power for disaster relief such as FEMA.



dot Ports

  • Clean ports legislation – dockside power for ships in port to meet California mandate. Similar federal legislation is pending.