Genesis 1000


The remarkably small and lightweight G1000 by Clear Energy Systems delivers big power—up to 1 MW in standby duty, 900 kW in prime power, and 750 kW in continuous operation. G1000 units operate on a stand-alone basis for facility standby and peak power requirements, or run in parallel to provide intermediate and even baseload energy supply.

At the core of our innovative technology is the lightweight, yet high horsepower ARC930TA industrial engine—an air cooled, radially configured, turbocharged powerplant developed exclusively by Clear Energy Systems. Advanced Radial Configuration delivers both high efficiency and robust durability in mission critical applications.

Developed for abundant, clean burning natural gas, G1000 also operates on LP gas (propane or butane) and on increasingly available renewable fuels such as bio-methane, landfill gas and ethanol. Custom calibration curves accommodate site specific flare or bio gas compositions, permitting oil field and landfill operators to power their facilities from their own gas. Multiple calibrations permit field switching between different fuel types.

Responding to increased attention on environmental stewardship, G1000 is manufactured to meet or exceed US-EPA and CARB (California Air Resources Board) emissions standards for large spark ignition engines. These are the most stringent of any government regulations worldwide, and respected even in international markets where they are not required.

Fewer parts and bearings associated with radial engine design result in reduced contact surfaces and a lower coefficient of friction. Precision engineered integrated systems, coupled with the current low cost of natural gas, make the total operating cost of the G1000 significantly less than comparable diesel generator sets. With standard enclosure and sound attenuation, advanced monitoring and controls, and optional mobility package, Clear Energy’s G1000 is changing the game in mobile and distributed power generation.