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Clear Energy Systems introduces the G1000—a compact, lightweight 1MW power generation system powered by the remarkable ARC930TA engine. Offering lower cost, compact mobility, fuel flexibility and clean emissions, G1000 by Clear Energy Systems is the intelligent decision for distributed power.

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ARC Technology

A revolutionary prime mover for industry.

The radially configured, natural gas-fueled ARC930TA engine enables G1000 to deliver clean, compact, fuel flexible and cost-efficient distributed power.

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Compact Mobility

Tow behind a pickup or airlift by helicopter.

Compact and lightweight, G1000 transports easily to temporary sites and remote or emergency locations, making it the ideal choice for rental fleets, military and disaster relief.

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Fuel Flexible

Enables field switching between fuel types.

Developed specifically
for gaseous fuels, intake, combustion and control systems accommodate natural gas, landfill gas, bio-methane, flare gas, and LP gases equally.

The Earth

Clean Emissions

30% less CO2 than petroleum fuels.

Low carbon structure of natural gas emits fewer and more easily controlled emissions than diesel alternatives. G1000 meets all regulations without extensive aftertreatment.

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Low Cost

Save on fuel, overhaul, and maintenance.

Precision engineered integrated systems, coupled with the low cost of natural gas, make G1000's total operating cost about one-fifth that of comparable diesel gensets.